The Artists Mentor

The Artists’ Mentor delivers powerful and relevant Professional Development to Artists, across disciplines, in the form of free and paid programs.

Dr Katy Abbott has a unique and holistic approach to mentoring in the Arts, providing in-depth programs and resources that make a career-defining difference for Established Artists and Arts Leaders so they can build vibrant, long-term careers that have the impact and meaning for which they’ve always aspired.
Katy’s driver and mentoring philosophy build from the idea the world needs artists to use their strong, clear voices to affect change, and as such, she promotes an aligned/holistic approach to the Artist – Art dynamic.
Programs and Offerings include:
  • Free Resources that are effective and relevant to 21st century creatives
  • Affordable online Professional Development for creatives into topics not often covered in artist training – each session goes deep and includes doable strategies and suggested actions, with materials to support you to implement immediately.
  • Working with Katy 1:1 on your creative practice in the CATAPULT Program or in a tailored program within your Arts Organisation.
Please explore the About and Program pages for details.
Here’s to whole-hearted, vibrant and impactful art-making.
“I feel that I am steering my arts practice rather than being at the mercy of it”
“Thank you for the way you empower and inspire so many to create art fearlessly and meaningfully”
“I have improved decision making and ability to think strategically”
“I’m having more fun with my practice, not overthinking everything generally, seeing things with a beautiful Katy-lens of playfulness”

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Every 2 weeks Katy Abbott explores overlooked perspectives, taboo topics, and provides fresh, crunchy, digestible ways of thinking about them PLUS practical ideas you can implement straight away.
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