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“I’m trying to find the words to express how grateful I am and how profound this process has been”

“An easing of creative blockages”

“…a gentle and deep learning process which has left me with some profound revelations and new tools”

“I feel free to breathe the arts with inspired inhalation again… and you, Katy, have been a driving force in… small, incremental acts of change that have snowballed into mountain-climbing leaps”

Dr Katy Abbott

B.Ed (Sec), GradDip(Comp), MMus, PhD
University of Melbourne

Dr Katy Abbott has a unique and holistic approach to mentoring in the Arts, providing in-depth programs and resources that make a career-defining difference for Established Artists and Arts Leaders so they can build vibrant, long-term careers that have the impact and meaning for which they’ve always aspired.
Katy’s driver and mentoring philosophy build from the idea the world needs artists to use their strong, clear voices and as such, she promotes an aligned/holistic approach to the Artist – Art dynamic.

As an experienced, intuitive educator and mentor, she is able to identify and address the underlying issues artists face, offering practical, tailored strategies to help them grow their practice and confidently use their artistic voice with more impact.

The Artists’ Mentor provides a range of free and paid programs, each tailored to help creatives navigate the contemporary world.

Katy provides a unique and insightful perspective on how to build a sustainable arts practice, drawing from decades of experience in mentoring artists. Those who have worked with Katy through Supervision or programs have gone on to develop robust and thriving practices, achieving success in both their art and personal lives.

Katy Abbott’s compositions have been performed, published and recorded around the world, brought to life by many leading ensembles and orchestras including Sydney, Adelaide, Tasmanian and Melbourne Symphony Orchestras and professional chamber ensembles around Australia. Her work has also been featured in many Australian and International music festivals.

A versatile creative talent, she has 5 solo albums, many awards and prizes and her unique ability to convey profound human experience through music means her work has a deep impact on the audience and performers for whom she writes.

See her website katyabbott.com.

If you’re looking to get to know The Artists’ Mentor programs, you may like to receive fortnightly emails with ideas and discussion in the form of Katy’s free Mini-Course, A New Era of Artist: Fresh Perspectives on the Business of Art-Making. You’ll receive an email every other week discussing important topics with action points to implement easily into your own creative practice.

If you’d like to explore all the programs, visit the Programs page.