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Katy Abbott

Dr Katy Abbott has been mentoring artists in formal and informal settings for 20-plus years. Katy’s driver and mentoring philosophy build from the idea the world needs artists to use their strong, clear voices to effect change, and she promotes an aligned/holistic approach to the Artist – Art dynamic.

Katy Abbott will explore overlooked perspectives, taboo topics, and provide fresh, crunchy, digestible ways of thinking about them.

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You could even save these micro-learnings in a folder as a handy reference library for future use.

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A fortnightly micro-learning Mini Course.

Practical Topics and Considerations including:

✓ ‘How To Series’: say no kindly, have a tricky money conversation, deal with procrastination, handle competing priorities, start a conversation with a potential collaborator, and more

✓ Finding and spending time/energy

✓ Quietening Imposter Syndrome

✓ What to do with the elephant in the room

✓ Lists and templates you can follow

✓ What to do with red flags

✓ Working with what’s deeply personal

Fresh perspectives on topics such as:

✓ Artist purpose

✓ Artistic capacity

✓ Artistic resilience

✓ Building a long-term career in the Arts

✓ Understanding your value

✓ A New Era of Artist

✓ Aligning you with your art-making

✓ Survival mode in creativity

✓ Power imbalances in creative working relationships

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